Spread the Word!!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks again for checking out my new website and online store, hope you like what we're doing! If so, please help SPREAD THE WORD around. Seriously, if everybody forwarded this site to ONE PERSON, my network would double...Heavy....We are still in pre-release, so keep checking in. More information, videos, photos, etc. to come - and of course LIVE shows as well! 

Happy Halloween!





My brand new concept album Iron & Coal is now available for pre-order exclusively from! Street date is November 22. Buy it now and you'll automatically download the songs the second it's released.

– I'm selling a 100 SUPER DELUXE IRON & COAL PACKAGES exclusively from the the store. This includes the CD, digital downloads of all the music, an American Apparel T-Shirt with Tom Seltzer's fabulous original album cover artwork, a signed poster, and the digital download of my last album, 37 Notebooks, for the completely ridiculous price of $50. This is a LIMITED OFFER, so hurry and check out the store for all things Jer! Once this stuff is gone, it's gone.

More cool stuff is coming -- posters, downloads, videos, and of course, music. There will be many bargains coming. I'm a musician and therefore bad at math.


Posters coming soon – with your help


Here's a preview of some of the original interior art to Iron & Coal by Tom Seltzer*, who, like Jeremy, is a St. Louis native turned Brooklyn expatriate. We're getting ready to make these into high-quality limited-edition posters – but we need your help. What sizes would you prefer? Album-cover size? 18 x 24? 11 x 17? 24 x 36? We're leaning toward album cover size, but some people think bigger is better. Please tell us your preferences below.

*Not to be confused with "Happy Tom" Seltzer, the Finnish musician and DJ. Tom Seltzer the Brooklyn-based artist is pretty happy, but he doesn't make a show about it.



The Store is almost ready to accept pre-orders. We're having some last-minute glitches accepting orders for T-Shirts, but you can check out the offers at least. A couple of samples:

- Sign up to get Iron & Coal the first day it ships (estimated street date is November 22, 2011) – download it digitally in your choice of format or get the CD package, which includes the physcial CD, beautiful cover design by Tom Seltzer printed in metallic ink, plus a 20-page booklet featuring more original art.

- Order the Deluxe Package to get the CD plus digital downloads plus our American Apparel T-Shirt plus a signed digital poster

- Get the Super Deluxe Package which includes the CD plus digital downloads plus the American Apparel T-Shirt plus a signed digital poster PLUS a digital download of Jeremy's last CD, 37 Notebooks, in your choice of format. Can't beat that with a stick.

Pre-order ASAP though, please – these packages are limited to the first 100 customers. We'll set up a new post as soon as everything is ready.

Can't wait? Sign up for the newlsetter on the homepage and download "Bad Man" from the new album now, impulse control be damned!


Stream Iron & Coal from the new site

Now you can listen to the entire album from the embedded player found on the Iron & Coal page for FREE. Also, sign up for the mailing list on the homepage and download "Bad Man" from the album, also for free. Is our generosity boundless? Well, yes, which is why immediately thereafter you should visit the Store.